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[YAMABITO] Double Edged Bamboo Nata Hachet

[YAMABITO] Double Edged Bamboo Nata Hachet

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Made in Sanjo, Japan

Weight:  14.8oz / 420g
Blade Length: 7.3″ / 185mm
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Handle Length:  5.9” / 150mm

Blade Material: Extremely mild steel / Carbon steel

Blade Finish: Tsuchime Hammered Finish

Handle Material: Oak

Included Accessories: Genuine leather case, Strap, Rust inhibitor

Others: No full tang

A bamboo split nata hatchet with a moderate blade length and weight that is easy to handle for any gender.
The name "bamboo split nata machete" may lead one to believe that it can only split bamboo, but it can also chop wood and make feather sticks!
The long blade makes it easy to chop and sharpen firewood! 
In addition, the blade is 5 mm thick and weighs 420 grams, making the nata relatively easy to handle for women and new campers.
The thick and sturdy blade tip allows for batoning.
Of course, it also has the "firm grip" that is characteristic of the Yamabito series and the "hammered pattern" that stands out for its martial coolness, making it a product that makes you excited just to have it.

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