Knife Hand-Sharpening Service

How much : $20   (Cash only)
What : We do the tedious work for you.
     Can DO
      - Sharpen only kitchen knives
      - Rust removal  (*1)
      - Repair the tiny chips under 2mm  (*2)
     Can NOT DO
      - Fix bends, distortions and cracks
      - Fix chips over 2mm 
      - Fix handle
        *Please understand.
    The knives are sharpen with whetstone. What I can do may be limited.
Where : Put into the post & Pick up only (AM and 17:00-20:00)
      - 2050 W 22nd Ave, Eugene, OR  
Please call or text me when you come here. (541-912-2703)
      - When it's finished, I will text you.
      - Usually we takes a half day to 2 days to finish
         however we may take some time depending on the number of requests.
        (*3) (*4)
Why : More fun
       - Bring out the potential in ingredients
       - Better performance
       - For your safety
When : We recommend sharpening once every 2 months
*1. Some badly rusted item will not come off.
*2. Depending on the condition of the chip, it cannot be repaired.
*3. Please bring your knives with wrapped (cloth) for our safety.
*4. Include your name, number and Qty.
Daily care tips
 - DO NOT cut hard foods that are not suitable for your knives.
 - DO NOT put them in the dishwasher.
 - Wipe and dry it immediately after washing.