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[KISEKI:] Super Alloy Santoku ~ the knife of the future ~

[KISEKI:] Super Alloy Santoku ~ the knife of the future ~

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Made in Seki, Japan


*It does not adhere to a magnet
*Diamond whetstone is required for knife sharpening.


Weight: 4.9 oz / 140g
Blade Length: 7.1” /  180mm
Blade Height 1.65” /  42mm
Total Lenght: 12.6” /  320mm

Blade material:Super Alloy "



Handle material: Japanese Wild Cherryblossom


The evolution of Kiseki:'s knives has been propelled by the meticulous efforts of a team of engineers who developed a cutting-edge superhard alloy. Indeed, it can be aptly described as the next generation of knives. The "delicious sharpness" that chefs, using prototype models, couldn't part with has now been made accessible for home use.

The superhard alloy blade, rivaling the hardness of diamond, excels in sharpness. The thinly finished blade effortlessly cuts through ingredients without the need for excessive force. Minimizing damage to cellular structures and fibers ensures a smooth cut, enhancing the culinary experience by preserving trapped moisture and flavor.

This knife, distinguished by its unparalleled level of hardness compared to other methods, boasts a key strength in maintaining its sharpness over an extended period. The use of this knife is a testament to the remarkable efforts of engineers, resulting in a culinary tool that epitomizes precision and durability.


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