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Matsushita Tea Garden

Organic Matcha 50g (1.76oz)

Organic Matcha 50g (1.76oz)

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Organic matcha produced by a patented process is less astringent and has a pleasant color and aroma, making it "easy to taste".

facts of Matsushita Tea Garden
☑️ Single Origin
     Although almost all Japanese teas are blend,
     Matsushita Tea Garden is ”Single Origin”
☑️ FDA certified Organic farm
     Only 5% of Japanese tea is organic
     In fact, organic production is still very small and precious!
☑️ Matsushita Tea Garden from Eugene OR's sister city Kakegawa
     with its high tea consumption, also has a long healthy life expectancy!


Mini story

Many volunteers come to help us because organic farming is labor intensive. Once we invited all our volunteers for a tea ceremony party featuring sencha and black tea, one volunteer exclaimed, “Where is matcha? Isn’t tea ceremony for matcha?”

We had been attracted so much by producing organic Japanese black tea that we forgot about mainstream matcha!
We originally started organic black tea because of a conversation with elementary school children. Both green tea and black tea are from the same bush. Why not produce organic matcha by a new method? We established the Tea Leaf Research Center. We tried to produce powdered green tea which is the main ingredient for matcha for many years. We failed many times using new methods we came up with. Yet one day our “god of tea” smiled and we succeeded. We patented the new production method. Now our organic matcha is the main product which sustains our farm business. We even export it outside of Japan.

Production with careful observation and joy of having tea is closely related.
We have learned so many pulverization processes over the years. Our effort made it possible to produce many kinds of powdered tea.

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