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[TADAFUSA] Santoku

[TADAFUSA] Santoku

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Made in Sanjo, JAPAN

Blade Length: 6.7″ /  170mm

Blade Material: SLD Steel / Stainless Steel

Handle Material: Chestnut

This is a knife most often used in ordinary households. It is useful for cutting meat, vegetables and fruits.
It can also be used for cutting small fish, but please do not use it for cutting hard bones of big fish or bird bones, because the blade may chip.

*Compared to all-stainless steel knives, these knives require a little more care in their daily maintenance in order to enjoy a sharp cutting edge. Since steel (SLD steel) is used for the cutting edge, rust may occur depending on the care and storage environment. Depending on the care and storage environment, rust may occur even overnight. Please enjoy the comfortable sharpness of the blade as well as its care and resharpening.

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