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[POCKET KNIFE] Higo Style Knife Sword Shape 95mm

[POCKET KNIFE] Higo Style Knife Sword Shape 95mm

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Weight :  2.5oz /  70g
Length :   8.46″ /  215mm (When folded: 5.51″ /  140mm)
Blade Length : 3.74″ /  95mm
Blade Height : 15mm

Blade Material : Shirogami Steel

Blade Finish : Tsuchime Black Finish

Handle Material : Stainless Steel

*This knife does not have a lock, so please be careful when using it.

Higo style knife is crafted in Miki, the town of hardware.
Higo style knife is a traditional Japanese folding knife.
Its sharpness is the result of skillful fire-work by blacksmith craftsmen.
Simple and beautiful form. The Ittoryu Higo knife shines with traditional Japanese techniques.

There is a hole in the back of the handle (handle) through which a string or other object can be threaded.
For model making, woodwork, bamboo crafts, and small craft work.


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