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[KIKUSUMI] Pair of 2 Steak Knives -KIKUSUMI x MOKI Limited Edition-

[KIKUSUMI] Pair of 2 Steak Knives -KIKUSUMI x MOKI Limited Edition-

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This item is a set of 2.

Made in Seki, Japan

Weight:  2oz / 56g
Blade Length: 3.9” /  100mm
Total Length: 8.7” /  221mm
Blade Thickness  2mm

Blade material:AUS-8 Stainless Steel



Steak knives are ideal for slicing any proteins like bbq steak, fish or vegetables.  They are super sharp and hold an edge a long time.
The length of the blade is 100mm, which is long enough to be used as a table knife for steaks, vegetables and other dishes that benefit from a super sharp and sturdy blade.  It can be used not only as a steak knife, but also for cheese, pastry, and many other purposes.


The ideal table /steak knife blade is made from forged stainless steel that holds it edge long and is easy to sharpen with simple maintenance. The KIKUSUMI X MOKI table knife has those qualities in spades. Few steak knives are forged one by one as this one is – the advantages mirror those of chef knives. High quality artisan forging is superior to rolled steel types. It is not enough to say Japanese steel or Japanese method. The artisan and their methods matter – forged, finished and assembled completely in-house in Seki Japan. Here we deliver one of the very best steak knives available today.


Micarta is very strong and very sturdy. They stand up against many elements and actually feel like they have better grip while wet. These are great for hunting and fishing knives as well. The only drawback is that you do have to keep your micarta handle oiled to keep it in best condition.

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