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[KATAOKA KNIFE] Water Sharpener Ⅲ

[KATAOKA KNIFE] Water Sharpener Ⅲ

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Coarse, medium, and finish sharpening are available.

Fill the sharpening section with water, insert the knife vertically into the sharpening groove, and move it back and forth 7 to 8 times each.
The handle fits your hand perfectly and is designed to prevent the blade of the knife from touching your hand while you are sharpening.

Raw Materials / Body: ABS resin (rubber coating) Heat Resistance / Body: 80°C (heat deformation temperature: 80°C)
Grinding stone: Alumina ceramics
Coares grinding stone: PWA #100 
Medium abrasive stone: PWA #180
Finishing stone: PWA #400

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