Collection: Kakegawa Japanese Tea

Enjoy truly delicious Matsushita Tea Garden's Organic Tea from Kakegawa, a sister city of Eugene, OR, where Takumi Japan is located.

3 facts of Green Tea
☑️ Green tea is Mindfulness Beverage
☑️ PNW soft water is good for green tea
☑️ Enjoying good tea as habit, is the healthiest approach to tea

3 facts of Matsushita Tea Garden
☑️ Single Origin
     Although almost all Japanese teas are blend, Matsushita Tea Garden
     is ”Single Origin”
☑️ Only 5% of Japanese tea is organic
      In fact, organic production is still very small and precious!
☑️ Matsushita Tea Garden from Eugene OR's sister city Kakegawa
     with its high tea consumption, also has a healthy life expectancy!